Cardano and HUH Token Plant Trees as Brazil Reaches its Highest Level of Deforestation in 15 Years

Cardano and HUH Token Plant Trees as Brazil Reaches its Highest Level of Deforestation in 15 Years


January 14, 2022

As data from the National Institute for Space Research recently showed that deforestation in Brazil’s Cerrado and Amazon region is at its highest since 2015, the Brazilian government announced that monitoring would be ceased. Attributing the decision to a lack of funds, environmentalists worldwide were angered by the move that appeared to scream state negligence.

The decision is thought to be linked to President Jair Bolsanaro signing an international pledge to end deforestation by 2030 at COP26, which took place between October 31st and November 12th, 2021. With deforestation rising during Bolsanaro’s rule, preserving Brazil’s trees would put a stop to commercial opportunities previously endorsed by the President. Likewise, deforestation disproportionately threatens Brazilian indigenous communities. These tribes depend wholly on the forest to meet their demands for food, medicine, and shelter.

Despite gaining more momentum over the past year, cryptocurrencies carry the negative connotations regarding climate change passed onto them by their Founding Father – Bitcoin. In an era that is growing increasingly concerned over climate change, Bitcoin’s vast energy consumption, which has been equated to that of Norway’s yearly consumption, has come under fire. Elon Musk pulled his own Bitcoin investments considering the worrying issue and is reportedly working with Dogecoin developers to make the memecoin greener. Considering Musk’s colossal impact on the crypto market, altcoins are competing to go greener to escape Bitcoin’s stigma, as well as attracting more investors.

Two of the biggest afforestation initiatives taken by cryptocurrencies include those by Cardano and HUH Token. Both run on proof-of-stake networks, which are an eco-friendlier alternative to mined cryptocurrencies. Cardano dedicated itself to the cause by launching its own non-profit foundation (aptly named The Cardano Foundation). According to their website, the foundation aims to lay the course for decentralized economic empowerment by collaborating with regulators across different jurisdictions to define blockchain legislation and commercial standards, while empowering the Cardano community to use the Cardano protocol to address real-world challenges.

The Cardano Foundation lately achieved its first goal of planting 1 million goals. Frederik Gregaard, Cardano CEO, declared on Twitter that the afforestation initiative intends to help with land restoration and local ecosystem improvement. Focusing their efforts on Kenya, all trees planted are to be recorded on the Cardano blockchain to increase transparency and serve as public evidence of these activities.

Meanwhile, newcomer HUH Token has done things a tad differently by partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects. Adopting a bottom-up approach, Eden engage local communities, often suffering from extreme poverty, to plant and nurture trees in a number of countries including Brazil. Eden work across Coastal, the Amazon and Cerrado. For the Cerrado, Eden reforest land ravaged by massive agricultural fields and slash-and-burn farming. Moreover, Eden attempt to prevent desertification in Brazil’s ‘water tank’, which feeds the Amazon and other reservoirs.

Needless to say, Cardano and HUH Token have set high standards for the rest of the crypto market. As the climate crisis approaches humanity at accelerating speed, investors will begin prioritizing crypto that, quite frankly, prioritizes our ecosystem. The question is, will other cryptos follow suit and start their own eco-positive initiatives?

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