Chainlink, Polygon, Polkadot, Bitgert, Centcex & Decentraland

Chainlink, Polygon, Polkadot, Bitgert, Centcex & Decentraland – Top 6 Cryptocurrencies Of 2022?

The year has just started, and it is getting clear that most cryptocurrencies might end 2022 on a high. The best way to tell a good crypto project is by how disruptive the upcoming developments will be to the industry. That’s what makes an ideal cryptocurrency. These might be some of the top cryptocurrencies of 2022:


1. Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is one of the crypto projects to watch in 2022 due to the disruptive nature of its technology. This is a blockchain-based technology that integrates off-chain data into contracts. It is a technology that’s quickly growing in the data processing field, and already, big data providers such as Alpha Vantage and Huobi are interested in Chainlink technology.

Chainlink technology is so powerful that the coin has managed to pick a slot in the top 20 largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market value. It was ranked #17 at the time of this writing, which is a spot higher from a few days ago. The Chainlink team is working hard to make the platform more efficient and include more utility.

With the data industry growing fast, Chainlink stands to benefit from this bulging market. More data providers might join the network, and this is how this cryptocurrency will grow larger. Therefore, Chainlink might be one of the top cryptocurrencies of 2021.


2. Polygon (MATIC)

Smart contract platforms are increasingly growing popular with dApp developers. This is because of their benefits over big blockchains such Ethereum. Polygon has become one of the most preferred platforms by developers. There are many developers running away from the expensive gas fee at Ethereum to Polygon.

Polygon is an Ethereum scaling solution designed for Web 3 developers. It is a more secure, fast, affordable, and sustainable platform. This is why it is growing popular with developers. The team is working hard to keep the smart contract more efficient and user-friendly. That’s why the improvement of the contract is key in the 2022 road map.

Polygon is also bringing more dApp projects on the network. This includes DeFi and gameFi projects. Recently, the team announced the coming of the Artfest, the first NFT marketplace on Polygon. So a lot is coming up that might make Polygon one of the top cryptocurrencies of 2022.


3. Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot has a blockchain platform that addresses the issues of scalability using the sharded multichain network called parachain. With parallel chains or parachains, Polkadot blockchain is able to process multiple data at the same time. This is how the team has been able to address scalability problems to become one of the fastest blockchains.

The major factor that will make Polkadot one of the top cryptocurrencies of 2022 is the successful application of the parachains. The Polkadot team has just finished a successful auctioning of parachains. The next stage of executing the sharding protocol will be crucial to the project’s success.

More improvement on the Polkadot web3 protocol is expected to increase the number of developers on the network. There is so much coming up in the 2022 roadmap that might make DOT one of the biggest cryptocurrencies this year.


4. Bitgert (BRISE)

When it comes to disrupting the industry in 2022, Bitgert is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch. The newly launched DeFi project is yet 6 months old at the time of this writing, and the team has accomplished so much in product development. Already, more than 5 products have been launched.

In the 2022 roadmap, the Bitgert team is launching some of the most disruptive products in the crypto industry. The first one will be the Brise exchange, a centralized crypto exchange. The exchange is launching in Q1, and the Beta version is coming out at the end of February.

But it is the disruptive zero gas fee blockchain that might make Bitgert the best project of 2022. It will be the first no gas blockchain. It will make Bitgert stand out from all other crypto projects. Read more on the Bitgert website.


5. Centcex (CENX)

Centcex is another project that crypto invest need to add to their 2022 list. It is a new blockchain-based platform that is promising to develop the most secure and user-friendly decentralized applications. The project has a mechanism that ensures the funding of the projects by using a contract to take 3% of every transaction to fund project development.

The team is already in the process of developing a powerful Centcex exchange. The exchange will be running on a PoS protocol. It will be safe, secure, and faster than Coinbase and other big exchanges. It will also be a no-KYC exchange to enable users to transact anonymously.

Centcex staking is super attractive, with 100% APY of the revenue generated shared by staked CENX. Centcex is therefore offering one of the best token utilities in the market. Read more on the Centcex website.


6. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA) is making a huge impact on the fast-growing virtual industry. The team is providing a virtual world where users can do many things, including creating, experiencing, and selling their content or applications. The Decentraland is growing popular with the gaming industry, especially.

The platform has a range of products, but the Decentraland marketplace is the most exciting. This marketplace is where users can maximize $MANA utility by doing many things like buying avatars, wearables, names, and more.

But the platform is not just for the gaming industry. Decentraland is also for users in virtual fashion and other virtual events, including Music and entertainment, CryptoArt galleries, and immersive games. With such huge utility in these fast-growing industries, Decentraland is definitely one of the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022.

Disclaimer: Investors should research more on the crypto projects before investing. This will enable them to make a more informed decision and avoid losing money.

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