HUH Token, Dogecoin and Dogs of Elon – 6000% Starts and The Importance of Media Platforms

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Dogs of Elon (DOE) is a set of Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that include a variant of everyone’s favourite crypto dog, as well as a few bizarre Elon designs of the man himself and zombie Doges. The collection may be found on Opensea, and the DOE coin can be found on Uniswap and a few other exchanges. Because DOE is a proof-of-stake token, users may stake their tokens and get rewards instantly. The Dogs of Elon team also did a heavy marketing campaign on December 1, where they ran a random wallet selection for a Tesla Model 3 worth USD 50,000 in Ethereum (ETH), with winners picked at random and announced that day. To of been eligible to participate, you must have either owned a Dogs of Elon NFT or have at least 500 DOE tokens.

In addition, the team is working on a play-to-earn DOE game. This game, like Atari’s famous Spaceship game, demands players to fire opposing Spaceships in order to advance through the stages. The creation of a blockchain-based play-to-earn game has the potential to increase the value of Dogs of Elon to an all-time high.

Another Token that is effectively using a similar method is HUH Token. HUH Token seems to want to be the most open and transparent blockchain project imaginable. Members of the community have been very passionate, and they are set to have an enormous influence on social media. Since it’s inception early this month, it has seen an impressive rise of over 6000%, with tens of thousands of wallet holders; this beats the release of Ethereum, SafeMoon and Dogecoins beginnings by an impressive distance.

The HUH Token is a “Utimeme” that attempts to combine the enormous potential of social cultivation with the functionality of NFT platforms and the scalability of a smart contract to create a truly revolutionary product. The HUH Token white paper assists in displaying these developments and the brand’s aims and functions.

It also has a large social following and a unique, intelligent chain-based recommendation engine. The purchaser of the HUH Tokens may suggest an infinite number of people who do not presently possess any HUH Tokens to acquire some by using a code supplied at the time of purchase. This purchase then rewards the recommender with ten percent of the new person purchase in Binance Coin (BNB).  More details on these tokenomics may be found in the whitepaper and on the HUH Tokens website.

Gamified crypto projects have sparked a lot of interest in the crypto community. Axie Infinity, Crypto Blades, and Mist are currently among the best. They all have something in common, they are much too advanced for the typical player to manage. That’s when Doge Dash tries to seize the occasion. Doge Dash is a homage to the original Mario side-scrolling game. Players may win coins either proving their gaming talent or by helping the environment at each of the game’s ten stages. If a player completes all levels successfully, all coins gained will be credited to their associated wallet. As you go through the game’s stages, the difficulty level of Doge Dash increases. To finish the game, you must traverse a city infested with zombies and other animals.

Doge Dash’s aim is to amass a collection of NFT skins for use in the game. Furthermore, their team will work to increase the NFT collection, find new influencers, and encourage the asset’s acceptance.

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